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October 6, 2015
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‘Enough Is Enough’: Delgaudio Censured

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Posted: Thursday, July 18, 2013 12:34 am

Following three hours of debate Wednesday night, the Loudoun Board of Supervisors formally voted to censure Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, stripping him of committee assignments for the rest of his term, eliminating his staff aide positions and restricting funding for his office operations.

The actions came in response to a report issued by a special grand jury that spent five months investigating allegations of misconduct initially raised by a former staff aide. Among the allegations cited by supervisors in punishing the four-term supervisor were that he was abusive to staff members and used staff time and other county resources in campaign and fundraising activities.

Much of the session was spent debating whether the board should appoint a special committee to conduct its own investigation of the allegations. Earlier in the day, Delgaudio and his attorney Charles L. King failed in their attempt to win from Circuit Court Judge Thomas D. Horne an injunction that would have blocked an immediate censure vote. They advocated the establishment of an ad-hoc board panel they said would ensure due process by hearing from witnesses and providing Delgaudio a forum to dispute the allegations. A similar process was used by the board in a 1996 board ethics probe.

Delgaudio was supported in that request by Supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) and Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge), but other supervisors questioned the merits of such an exercise, saying the work of the grand jury was far more comprehensive than a board committee could accomplish.

The vote to formally censure Delgaudio and to make permanent the loss of committee assignments the board initiated in January was unanimous, except for Delgaudio. However, Higgins and Clarke joined Delgaudio in voting against the measure to largely defund the Sterling District office operations. Under the action, money allocated for the office would be managed by the full board. Delgaudio’s one full-time aide was to be placed on eight weeks paid administrative leave starting July 18 and all other part-time positions terminated immediately.

Delgaudio spent much of the meeting asking for a forum to refute the allegations, but when requested by County Chairman Scott K. York (R-At Large) to present his response to the grand jury report, the supervisor asked that his attorney be permitted to speak instead. That request was denied by a board majority.

The majority of supervisors said they found evidence of misconduct outlined in the grand jury report compelling, even though the special prosecutor in the case declined to request the panel consider criminal indictments.

The report raised concerns that Delgaudio verbally abused staff members and violated the Board of Supervisors’ Code of Conduct; that Delgaudio directed his aides to set up meetings with individuals for the purpose of soliciting campaign contributions; that Delgaudio may have received campaign contributions that were not disclosed; that Delgaudio instructed aides to focus on fundraising activities rather than respond to constituent calls or concerns; and that Delgaudio used his county aides to support the work of Public Advocate of the United States, a 501(c)(4) organization of which he is founder and president.

Supervisor Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn), like all the other board members was subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury, and he said the purpose of the panel’s report was clear to him. “Why did they do it? They did it because they felt something was wrong,” he said.

“The integrity of the board is at stake. The integrity of my Republican party is at stake,” Buona said.

Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) was among those expressing frustration with Delgaudio’s refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing. “You have shown no contrition. Instead you take us to court,” he said.

At one point Delgaudio suggested the grand jury unfairly tarnished him by issuing a report, and that its members were “frustrated that they were not able to prosecute me.”

“The criticisms that you are making at me can’t possibly be true,” Delgaudio said in continuing to press for the creation of an ad hoc committee.

“This is enough. It’s enough for this board. We have better things to do,” an exasperated Vice Chairman Shawn Williams (R-Board Run) responded.

Supervisor Matt Letourneau said Wednesday’s session afforded Delgaudio ample opportunity to address the allegations. “He has spent a lot of time tonight telling us he has not had a chance to respond, but he has not responded.”

Supervisors said they would consider other recommendations by the grand jury, including requests that the General Assembly make clear that part-time supervisors be subject to corruption laws and to tighten campaign finance reporting rules, following its August recess.

Welcome to the discussion.


  • Bob1911a posted at 1:06 pm on Thu, Jul 25, 2013.

    Bob1911a Posts: 1

    Thank goodness for Clarke and Higgins. It's about time somebody stood up against the hatin liberals and defended Delgaudio. He has done more for Sterling than any of you know.

  • QueenoftheMay posted at 1:57 pm on Mon, Jul 22, 2013.

    QueenoftheMay Posts: 5

    Unfortunately, the MarkyJs of Sterling are why we can't get rid of Delgaudio -- he does one photo op, and they think he's da bomb. If the MarkyJs of Sterling paid attention to what Delgaudio doesn't do for the community the rest of the time, they'd be voting this cockroach out of office at the next opportunity.

  • Sundance posted at 9:37 am on Mon, Jul 22, 2013.

    Sundance Posts: 177

    That's Delgaudio logic: 'he helped me shovel snow, therfore everyone else is guilty, not him.' READ THE GRAND JURY STATEMENT

  • MarkyJ123 posted at 6:30 pm on Sat, Jul 20, 2013.

    MarkyJ123 Posts: 2

    Eugene has always been very helpful to me. He helped my family get the snow removed from our road after VDOT left us stranded. Maybe the other supervisors need a grand jury review of their campaign records? And, if anyone should be scrutinized, it should be the Chairman, now our defacto supervisor. What happened in Leesburg again with the letter read to the town council? What happened at Cameron Chase and the other confounding sweetheart deals? Eugene did not call me back, but showed up with a shovel.

  • Frank Reynolds posted at 12:42 pm on Fri, Jul 19, 2013.

    Frank Reynolds Posts: 674

    He'll never resign. Even if he was indicted he wouldn't have resigned.

    Keep in mind, we're talking about someone who runs a hate group. Don't expect anything honorable.

  • LivinginVA posted at 10:42 am on Fri, Jul 19, 2013.

    LivinginVA Posts: 13

    "At one point Delgaudio suggested the grand jury unfairly tarnished him by issuing a report, and that its members were “frustrated that they were not able to prosecute me.”

    A group of strangers were offended enough by your behavior that they were frustrated they couldn't prosecute you. Seems to me, that says more about you than about them. Resign already.

  • Sterling resident and Anti-Delgaudio posted at 9:18 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    Sterling resident and Anti-Delgaudio Posts: 2

    Im sure he won't resign knowing very well that he's too embarrassed to admit that he's FAILED miserably.

    Im sure he'll go groveling to MC Dean and Westboro Church for an office with a staff that will bow at his every dirty request and be at his beck and call.

    Its high time that he's abdicated his throne to a MUCH younger candidate that can restore Sterling to its pristine conditions. He's getting VERY old and should retire to the DEEEEEEEP South where they appreciate his kind of bigotry.

    Just go already, ok??? We don't need any politicians that have failed miserably here, alright?

  • Sterling resident and Anti-Delgaudio posted at 9:15 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    Sterling resident and Anti-Delgaudio Posts: 2

    Just resign already!!!!

  • Not impressed posted at 8:02 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    Not impressed Posts: 38

    Clarke and Higgins had principled reasons for not voting to cut off money to the Sterling supervisor. They are two people who have integrity; Clarke in particular has put up with the same kind of bullying from York that Donna Mateer did from Delgaudio. And how about cutting Higgins some slack. He holds down an honest fullt-ime job. That's what we pay for -- parti-time supervisors. Only Eugene has embellished his into full time by pandering door to door or in grocery store parking lots. We'll probably see him on the median at the light on Route 7 in a neon vest pretty soon.
    This county needs professional management i.e. a county executive form of government, because we don't have full-time supervisors and it has outgrown the county manager form.
    The interesting thing now will be to see if Eugene rats York out. Without Eugene's help, York could not have gotten the party nomination after he blew off the Republicans to become an Independent a couple of terms ago. He had to look away from Eugene's scurrilous conduct so Eugene wouldn't call him out.

  • Glory posted at 5:13 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    Glory Posts: 1004

    If any of us in a position of power forced subordinate(s) to spend 70% of work time on other non-essential, political duties, HR would have been involved long ago. A "crime" is that this BoS hemmed and hawed, allowing this to go on for months; if not for expressed public concern, it might still be going on. The best of the BoS rightfully and finally stood up to Delgaudio, regardless of party allegiance.

    As for Delgaudio and his apologists not admitting to any transgressions or ethics' violations STILL after censure and the grand jury report, need we say typical!

    Will "Sterling deserves better" be able to hand-deliver news to constituents faster than the rate of 300-500 that Delgaudio does per day? [wink]

  • avf1937 posted at 5:08 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    avf1937 Posts: 53

    I was in the audience last night when the Loudoun BOS took this overdue action and I applaud them for doing so. However, their next steps should be to:
    1. Develop their own code of ethics(similar to the one Delgaudio and the rest refused to do in the past)
    2. Forward and recommend actions to the State Government for their action.
    I also agree with a speaker last night who was a Delgaudio Supporter---if the citizens and voters of Sterling are outraged about Mr. Delgaudio's actions---VOTE HIM OUT next time he runs!!!
    He will not resign!

  • norges55 posted at 4:03 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    norges55 Posts: 1042

    He sure gets re-elected a lot for being such a unlikeable man. Publicly disgraced doesn't matter much in politics does it. 2 weeks and people forget. I don't put any weight as to whether a person belongs to a democrat or republican party and anyone who votes for a person because they have a r or a d by their name should not be able to vote cause they are just to stupid to make a qualified choice. See Samuel Jackson voting for Obama cause he's black, c'mon now.
    In the end you need a candidate that can defeat Eugene and it ain't Al or Tony. So who do you have? Better pin your hopes on the recall. Sterling voted for the man and that's what they wanted, it was not even close and this censure is not the do all gamechanger.

  • David Weintraub posted at 3:53 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    David Weintraub Posts: 209

    With regard to the district budget, Higgins and Clarke expressed concern that the residents of Sterling would be punished for Delgaudio's transgressions, which certainly no one wants to see. The rest seemed to understand that taking control of the district budget away from him doesn't really change anything, since the aides from other districts are already doing Sterling's constituent services; Suzanne Volpe in particular seemed quite frustrated and angry with her own aides being regularly asked to assume these duties in addition to their own. The only difference is that Delgaudio won't be able to steal those resources for his own use. As Sterling Deserves Better just put it, now "instead of having a Supervisor who is unwilling to represent our community, we have a Supervisor who is incapable of serving our community."

  • Sundance posted at 3:33 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    Sundance Posts: 177

    What has changed is that he's been publicly disgraced, at the hands of his own political party. norges55 can laugh all he wants about the Weintraubs and Delgaudio's political opponents, but in the end it was a grand jury that exposed Delgaudio's underhandedness, it was a Circuit Court judge who told Delgaudio that he had to submit to the will of the Board, and it was eight Republican supervisors who said they'd had enough of him.

    Can he get elected again? I wouldn't be surprised. But he's been proven to be an unlikeable, immoral con man. As has been said here already, if he had a shred of decency in him he'd resign.

    Clearly, that won't happen.

  • JohnQPublic posted at 3:15 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    JohnQPublic Posts: 10

    Don't worry, even if Eugene loses his political position, well heeled, fake Christian, hateful bigots will increase their contributions to his hate website and Eugene will laugh all the way to the bank at his foolish minions.

  • SatchMo posted at 3:07 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    SatchMo Posts: 202

    It now will be most interesting to see if the Loudoun County Republican Committee will accept Delgaudio as the Republican nominee for the Sterling district in the upcoming election. You would think the right thing to do is to start promoting a new republican for the Sterling district.

    It will be fascinating to watch if the hardcore irrational zealots have enough clout among the LCRC leadership to support Delgaudio.

    We'll see. Is Delgaudio's political future dead? One can hope so, but with the wacko's running the party these days anything can happen.

  • JohnQPublic posted at 3:04 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    JohnQPublic Posts: 10

    Wow! Are there that many ignorant bigots in Sterling? So much for the low turnout of local elections.

  • norges55 posted at 2:17 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    norges55 Posts: 1042

    So what changed? Did he have aides working for him? If so that is surprising.He has not been on any committees since when? In fact they may have played into Eugenes hands now he'll have even more time to campaign for the next election when the restrictions will be removed.
    Not much of a defense that I could see I think he cut bail and said he'll take his lumps now but wait until.
    If you are curious about Higgins and Clark reasons for not restricting his budget maybe they think that someone will run on a austerity ticket and that supervisors do not really need aides.
    I see David crawled out from under his rock to add comments and I would be pissed or petulant also if this group was judging my actions, yikes!

  • QueenoftheMay posted at 1:22 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    QueenoftheMay Posts: 5

    Delgaudio will never resign. He's certain he's right and he's positive he's done nothing to deserve this censure. The only ways to get him out of office are recall or defeat in the next election. And, oh yes, he will take his ill-gotten campaign funds from his hate group and pile into another run for office.... Unfortunately, a number of Sterling residents think a great deal of this clown. If we don't have a viable candidate to vote for, he'll win.

  • David Weintraub posted at 12:34 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    David Weintraub Posts: 209

    From his petulant comments last night (even Ken Reid expressed disappointment in his lack of contrition), Delgaudio has no intention of resigning. He wanted to let everyone know that he is going door to door campaigning for reelection already, that he doesn't think he did anything wrong, and that he's already apologized for things that he shouldn't have had to apologize for in the first place. So no, don't expect a normal outcome.

    I don't think it was an accident that York explicitly said "Sterling Deserves Better." sterlingdeservesbetter.com is the site for the ongoing process of Delgaudio's removal from office for malfeasance. Given that his apparent violations are directly abusive of the electoral process, anyone still arguing that the appropriate solution is to defeat him in an election is really off the reservation. I didn't get the sense that his colleagues would look forward to this going on through 2015.

  • baboholly posted at 12:31 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    baboholly Posts: 34

    I would highly recommend everyone listen to the actual proceedings. Listen to what each of your representatives said very carefully. They spent a great deal of time patting themselves on the back for what they have done. Then said we are tired of this, turn the page.The question is what does he really know about what the others have also done which might be a violation of ethics? [wink]

  • LTreader posted at 12:16 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    LTreader Posts: 45

    Has anyone, anywhere reported on why Geary Higgins and Janet Clarke are trying to shield Delgaudio? Does he have incriminating evidence on them or is it something else? I'm quite disappointed in both of them but I've come to expect absolutely nothing from either.

  • Sundance posted at 10:46 am on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    Sundance Posts: 177

    It's about time.

  • JohnQPublic posted at 9:43 am on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    JohnQPublic Posts: 10

    Oh, kudos to the Republicans on the board who are FINALLY figuring out that appealing to bigoted nut jobs isn't helping their party. If only the state and national levels of the GOP could figure this out...

  • Cmckeonjr posted at 9:38 am on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    Cmckeonjr Posts: 362

    You heard it from the chairman of the board of supervisors: "Sterling deserves better."

  • JohnQPublic posted at 9:28 am on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    JohnQPublic Posts: 10

    Ha! Just when you thought there's no justice in the world! [smile]

    This may be the best possible outcome. Can't wait to hear from King of all Bigots fake Christian (who hate everbody) supporters to comment.

    Buh by, Eugene![beam]

  • George Hidy posted at 9:18 am on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    George Hidy Posts: 1

    I am SO GLAD a Republican Board did this to Delgaudio, now he cannot claim for the next 2 years that the Democrats were out to get him. Delgaudio has been an embarrassment for 14 years with his antics, calling people names, fear mongering and his hands (both) in the developers’ pockets. Now let’s summarize; No Committee assignments to speak and support the needs of Sterling – even thou he did very little of that, No Staff for constituents services and No Money for his office. So Sterling in effect has no Supervisor that can perform the services he had been elected to perform – given he did very little over the years. It is time for the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) to stand up to the right wing establishment (Delgaudio and Dick Black), who by the way seems to be absent in his support of Delgaudio, and ask for Delgaudio resignation. The LCRC has dis-enfranchised itself with many traditional Republicans by banishing good Republicans from the LCRC and having its RINO hunt become an embarrassment thus resulting in the sweeping losses for the Board of Supervisors 6 years ago. LCRC get a backbone and sweep this final embarrassment into history!

  • That Guy posted at 8:05 am on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    That Guy Posts: 52

    Now he has more free time to run his hate group from his office.

  • Buffacuse posted at 6:33 am on Thu, Jul 18, 2013.

    Buffacuse Posts: 585

    OK, polemics and fun aside--it's time to stop shooting fish in a barrel and simply ask Mr. Delgaudio the following question:

    Since you have no staff, no committee assignments, and your conduct has been censured by all of your fellow supervisors, if you truly love Sterling as much as you say you do, will you please resign? Resign so your constituents can have effective representation. Resign to spare our county further embarrassment.

    Please Gene, resign.